Neon spiral human slinky costume

New Neon slinky costume with spiral colors! in stock now!

New Neon slinky costume with spiral colors!  Very light weight! only 11 kg! Easy to perform! FAST DELIVERY!
human slinky costume

Human slinky costume for Football championship in Qatar

We happy that you can see our costumes everythere in the world. We can make our costumes with uique design and different colors. This slinky costume […]
slinky human costume

Tube man costume

Sometimes people wants to make party with fun and unusual mascot or costume. We can offer to you this tube man costume or slinky tube.

Candy slinky human costume

All people like candies. And we decide to make new design for slinky outfit. We made Candy slinky costume, it looks like giant candy cane 🙂